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What is MPLS? MPLS is a private IP based product that utilizes our private MPLS backbone to transfer data between customer locations throughout the state.  This method keeps all IP packets from the same session associated with one another while in transit, which increases the speed of network traffic flow, enables traffic prioritization, reduces transit delays and improves network efficiency.

MPLS provides private and secure IP routing between your locations with security equivalent to that seen with Frame Relay or ATM networks. MPLS provides traffic separation between end users using unique route distinguishers that are transparent to end users, keeping your information segregated and private as it traverses the network. And because the MPLS network is not directly connected to the Internet, public IP security threats are eliminated, making MPLS ideal for supporting HIPAA and CISP/PCI-compliant networks.


How do I connect it to my equipment?

When you received your equipment from, a single Ethernet port was designated as an MPLS port.  You will need to connect this Ethernet interface to your internal network. 


Can I have my internal routing protocol work over the MPLS network?

Yes you can, we support BGP, OSPF, RIP and EIGRP.


Do I need a routing protocol to utilize MPLS?

No you do not.  If you would like us to handle the routing we can, or you can get VPLS and it will pass any traffic from one side to the other. 


I need to add another site into my MPLS network, is that possible?

Yes it is possible; please contact your Salesperson and we will start integrating in the new site(s).


What is the largest MTU Size supported?

1500 Byte packets are the largest MTU size supported on Ethernet and T1 Delivery.  

"I didn't realize you hired magicians in your support team. Anyone who can decipher my "non-computer" lingo and FIX my problem is a magician as far as I am concerned. So ..."
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