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Todays home Internet user, uses multiple devices to connect to the Internet. High-quality equipment and hardware are imperative to making home networks perform at an optimum level. has years of experience working with technology. We have selected equipment that fits within our high level of service and are confident that the equipment we provide to our customers is of the highest quality and best value. We program and support the equipment, and we stand behind the quality of the equipment we sell.

The key points to making decisions on equipment purchases should be: necessity, security, functionality, efficiency, longevity, cost-effectiveness and support. delivers on all points. We offer a variety of equipment to meet your needs.

We provide Linksys E-series and Fortinet FortiWiFi devices for the home network, complete with WiFi access point functionality. A bit of security with the ease of wireless connectivity for your tablet and other devices at home.
We offer simple, inexpensive switches for your home network

Analog Telephony Adapters
We provide digital-to-analog devices, fully programmed and ready for use, so our WyoPhone will work with your analog telephones.

SupportPLUS:’s specialized extended warranty and support program for the equipment you purchase from us. Another great level of support for you.

Contact us today at 800.996.4638 so one of our Sales Representatives can help you select the right equipment for your home network.

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