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Wyoming is a beautiful state. The trade-off to living in remote areas is that high-speed Internet may not be possible to the most remote yet beautiful areas of our state. If you are not able to get high-speed Internet or don’t want high-speed, Dial-Up Internet is a great way to get connected. All you need is a landline phone and a computer with a dial-up modem.

  • Two low-cost, affordable options
  • Local access numbers
  • Receive two free email accounts
  • Junk Mail Filters, FREE. Protect your mailbox from unwanted emails
  • Webmail – Check your email anywhere, anytime with any Web browser
  • 10MB Web Space
  • Local Support based right here in Wyoming
  • Our Dial-Up is perfect for sending and receiving emails, browsing and shopping online, online banking and other basic uses

We offer two Dial up plans:

For the occasional user, our Block 25 plan allows up to 25 hours of Dial-Up access per month.

For the regular user, our unlimited plan allows unlimited access for the same low monthly cost.
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