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A full range of affordable business voice service options for Wyoming business

Businesses are always looking for high-quality service and the best price. Which is more important? At, we think both are equally important for your business.  The demand for affordable phone service will continue to increase as businesses look to streamline communications and improve collaboration. meets this need by providing cost-effective WyoPhone services that deliver scalability and functionality that traditional telephone services cannot match.’s WyoPhone is designed to work for your business.  We offer scalable voice packages for the small office up through larger office and multi-site environments.  We will work with you to tailor the right solution for your company today and will grow with you in to the future.

Cost Savings:  Eliminate the need to purchase separate voice and data circuits. Eliminate unnecessary lines, PRIs, and/or trunks. The advance technology of Voice-over-Internet Protocol allows us to provide lines over your broadband connection at a much lower cost than traditional telephone service. WyoPhone Business packages start at $44.95/month for two lines for local and long-distance calling.

Full Service Provider:  Reduce the complexity of managing separate service vendors by purchasing both your Internet and voice services through

Bandwidth Optimization:  Voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation optimize bandwidth usage.

Quality of Service:  Trust’s network with managed QoS and proactive monitoring to deliver clear voice.

Free On-Net Calling:  All calling between your offices, employees, and to any WyoPhone customer is free.

Freedom and Ease:  Keep your existing telephone numbers and equipment. WyoPhone integrates seamlessly with your existing analog or digital telephone equipment

At, we have the seasoned engineering and customer service teams to deliver the superior customer experience that you expect.

Integrated Voice:  A single, easy-to-manage connection that combines all of your voice and data communications enabled by our redundant network.

Features:  No matter which WyoPhone Service package your business chooses, we have the feature set to work with your network and phone system.
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