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Etherlink provides internet bandwidth via a Fast Ethernet interface(s).   The Etherlink Access Device can be configured in multiple ways, to provide a custom experience.  It can be setup with WAN ports, MPLS-VPN Ports, VoIP Ports, etc.  
EAD Wiring
The WAN Interfaces on the EADs are 2Base-TL and can be terminated into an RJ-11, RJ-14, RJ-25 or an RJ-45.
For RJ-14, utilize pins 2 and 3
For RJ-25, utilize Pins 3 and 4 
For RJ-45, utilize Pins 4 and 5 
For the LAN Interfaces on the EADs, they follow 100Base-TX and can plug directly into your equipment via an RJ-45 connection.
TNE Wiring

Demarcation and Extensions

When you order a T1 circuit a telco tech will come out to your building demarc and connect the circuit up to some point of demarcation. That being said demarcation can mean a lot of different things. Lots of demarc rooms have telco equipment on one side of the room and then a wall of blocks and biscuit jacks that have all of the circuits on them. A typical T1 install involves installing the T1 card and patching the connection to it. Then they’ll patch the circuit from the T1 card either to a 66 block or a RJ48x jack. In a large building you’ll see the circuit being terminated on 66 blocks where the tech will ‘loop and tag’ the circuit. They’ll usually leave excess wire on the loop and tie the circuit ID tag onto the loop wire. Then when you come into the picture you can pull off the loop wire and extended the circuit from the 66 block to house pairs going to your suite where you can terminate in a RJ48x jack.

If you don’t already have house pairs running to where you want to terminate the circuit and you aren’t low voltage certified call a wiring contractor. There are all kinds of things to take into account when extending a circuit such as wire type, extension length, interference, binder groups, etc..

T1 Pinouts and Wiring

Pin – Description
1 – RX Ring
2 – RX Tip
4 – TX Ring
5 – TX Tip

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