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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WyoPhone Service?

A. WyoPhone is phone service that can replace your current phone company and save you money! It is phone service in a whole new way. Using Voice-Over IP technology (your voice is converted into digital packets), WyoPhone lets you make and receive phone calls over the Internet using your high-speed connection. Even though your telephone works just as it always has, you get so much more - for so much less than you can from your traditional phone service.
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Q. What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?
A. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP and pronounced voyp) is a technology that is used to transmit voice over the Internet to transmit your calls. Using broadband technology, WyoPhone service is able to provide you with a number of enhanced communication services, without sacrificing any of your current phone features.
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Q. How is WyoPhone different from the traditional phone service I have today?

A. WyoPhone gives you more features than a traditional phone service can. Our advanced broadband network can provide you with a number of enhanced calling features, along with the traditional phone features and the call clarity you expect - with a great opportunity to save! You can even keep your same phone number and use your existing phones.
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Q. What can WyoPhone do that traditional phone service cannot?
A. WyoPhone delivers the future of phone service - today! Each WyoPhone phone number is powered by its own Internet-based feature set, and you can organize and customize the features exactly the way you want. Whether you are at home or away, you'll be able to manage your phone's features, update your Call Forwarding settings, access your phone book, retrieve voicemail and more, wherever you have broadband access.
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Q. Can I keep my current phone number?
A. Yes, you can keep your existing phone number and receive WyoPhone Service. This means you can continue to receive calls from your family and friends without having to notify them of a new telephone number. It may take 3-15 days to have your existing phone number ported to our network, however, your current phone service will remain active until your WyoPhone number is activated.
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Q. Do I have to have a Broadband Connection to use WyoPhone?
A. Yes. You must have a high-speed connection to use WyoPhone. Your modem speed needs to be at least 256 kbps upstream and downstream to use WyoPhone. Test your broadband speed with this link.
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Q. How do I make calls?
A. Simply pick up the telephone and make calls, just like a traditional phone service. With WyoPhone, if the number you are calling is in Wyoming, all you need to do is dial the last 7 digits of the number, no area code is needed. You will only need to dial the area code for all calls outside of Wyoming. You do not need to dial a "1" for long distance calls, but if you dial a "1" out of habit, your call will still go through.
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Q. How do I answer calls?
A. When you hear your phone ring, pick up the receiver and start talking, same as always.
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Q. Can I talk on the phone while I use my computer?
A. Yes. WyoPhone works independently of your computer, so you can make and receive calls and be on the Internet at the same time. You will need to have an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and a router, or an ATA with router functionality to use your computer and your phone at the same time. Contact one of our professional sales representatives for more information about your equipment needs.
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Q. When calling other parties, do they also need to use WyoPhone or some other type of VoIP service?

A. No, when you call using WyoPhone you will use your phone just like you always have - pick it up, dial anyone, anywhere and start talking!
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Q. How many different telephone lines can I have with WyoPhone?
A.The ATAs sold by have ability to make outbound calls or
receive inbound calls on up to two separate phone lines. They also are able to receive inbound calls on an unlimited number of virtual phone numbers. In order to use more than two phone lines, more sophisticated equipment, such as a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), is required.
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Q. Does WyoPhone provide Enhanced 911 (emergency dialing) service?
A. WyoPhone provides Enhanced 911 service at no extra charge. With Enhanced 911 (E911), your call is routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that supports the service address you registered with your account, and the emergency operator receives the name, address, and origination phone number of the caller. With this service, the caller does not need to verbally give their location to the operator. E911 availability and functionality can vary by county. Please remember that there are serious limitations associated with 911 service provided by WyoPhone, and you should always maintain an alternative means of accessing emergency service. See our complete 911 limitations disclosure.
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Q. What should I know about WyoPhone E911 service?

A. Feel secure in the event of an emergency. E911, or Enhanced 911, works the same way as typical 911 services, but also provides the benefit of automatically transmitting your telephone number and location to the emergency dispatcher. However, there are serious limitations, so you should always have an alternative means of accessing emergency service. See our complete 911 limitations disclosure.
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Q. Will WyoPhone customers need to purchase additional phones or equipment?
A. If you have touch-tone phones, you do not need to replace them. Your existing telephone wires and phones will work with WyoPhone. You will need to purchase an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to convert the voice signal into data so it can travel over the Internet. This equipment simply plugs into your existing Internet modem.
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Q. Is there a way to connect all of the phones in my house to WyoPhone?
A. The simplest solution is to use an expandable wireless phone system. Simply plug the base phone into the ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). This allows you to place the extra handsets in other rooms around your house. It is possible to use the inside wiring to connect all of the phone jacks in your house. Click here for basic home wiring instructions; however, recommends that you contact a licensed wiring technician to install this type of solution.
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Q. Can VoIP Service work with the inside wiring in my house that powers multiple phones now?
A. It is possible to connect your Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to your inside wiring. Depending on the exact configuration, doing so may be easy or difficult. can provide you with basic instructions: however, we recommend contacting a licensed wiring technician to install this type of solution.
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Q. How long will it take to receive inbound calls after switching to WyoPhone?
A. Inbound calling may take 3-5 days after you have signed up for a new WyoPhone number. If you choose to port your current number to WyoPhone, it will take 3-15 days, due to the time it takes to port your existing phone number.
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Q. What if my electricity goes out? Will I still be able to use my WyoPhone?
A. Similar to most telephone equipment today, WyoPhone requires electricity to function. If you wish to have service during a power outage, we recommend that you purchase a UPS battery backup system to power your Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), broadband devices and your phones.
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Q. Is there a service contract requirement for WyoPhone?
A. You are not required to commit to a contract term for WyoPhone; however, you must agree to the WyoPhone Terms and Conditions. There are activation and disconnect fees related to the service.
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Q. Is WyoPhone reliable?
A. WyoPhone is as reliable as your Internet connection.'s network exceeds 99.99% up time.
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Q. Can I use the Internet while using WyoPhone?

A. Yes! Thanks to the power of broadband technology, can provide you with the ability to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time.
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Q. Are WyoPhone calls routed across the Internet?
A. Yes. keeps the calls on our private broadband network if the call is going to another WyoPhone. If it is going to a non-WyoPhone user it remains on our network until our switch delivers the call to the PSTN (public switched telephone network) that will handle the receiving call. Calls are just as secure with WyoPhone as with any other telephone provider.
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Q. Is the sound quality clear with WyoPhone?
A. You bet! Our communications network transmits a "clean" signal with less noise and distortion than many analog networks. Noise is essentially screened out of the signal so you get crisp, clear sound.
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Q. Can I use my fax machine?
A. We do not recommend doing so, but you may attempt it. Fax transmissions are technically much different than voice or date traffic and thus fax is not reliable over any VoIP network today.
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Q. How is WyoPhone's Voicemail better than my answering machine?
A. Take your voicemail service to the next level. By default unanswered calls will forward to your voicemail box. You can listen to your voicemail messages from your WyoPhone at home, you can access your voicemail by dialing your phone number from any other phone, or you can have your voicemail messages sent to your email as sound file attachments so you can listen to them from any computer with Internet access.
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Q. Premium rate calls (900 numbers)?
A. WyoPhone does not allow calls to these numbers at this time.
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Q. Can I make International calls using WyoPhone?
A. We are only able to place calls to the Continental United States and Canada at this time. However, we do plan to offer this feature at a later date. In the mean time, you can purchase a calling card or make operator-assisted long distance calls.
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Q. How do I make Operator- assisted calls?
A. Simply press [0] from the dial tone on your handset and you will be connected to an operator to assist you. Please note that additional charges will apply.
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Q. Can I access directory assistance - 411 calls?
A. Yes. It works just like a normal call to 411. Additional charges may apply.
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