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SPAM EMAILS - There have been reports of SPAM emails going around from email addresses. As with all SPAM emails, please do NOT click on anything or provide any personal information (or account information). Simply mark the email as SPAM and delete the email. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service Department at 307-856-6400 or 

**UPDATE - The COVID-19 impact has caused a significant increase in web traffic across the globe. Like other service providers, continues to monitor the increased bandwidth utilization across our network and make the necessary adjustments to account for the unprecedented demand. We will continue to make every attempt to ensure the integrity of our network during these unique times. 

We wish to inform you that will remain open and operational during normal business hours.

We will follow the CDC recommendations by locking our doors and will be closed to WALK-IN traffic. We will continue to operate as normal and can be reached via email & phone:

   MAIN PHONE:     307-856-6400 (all departments)

We appreciate your understanding as we do our part to keep everyone healthy, while ensuring that we are supporting our current and future customers.


WyoPhone- VOIP Services
If you are experiencing issues with your WyoPhone VoIP service we highly recommend that your contact our Customer Service Department for assistance in troubleshooting any our Customer Service Representatives: 800-588-3304. However if you would like to check the basic setup prior to calling us please refer to the information below.
Wyophone Quick Install Guide
Is your Internet connection working?
Is the Phone number active yet?
Is the power light lit on your Linksys ATA?
Is the phone plugged in?
Is the cabling correct?
Is the ATA connected to your internal wiring?
Is your phone set to pulse dialing?
Q. Is your Internet connection working?
A. WyoPhone service requires a functioning Internet connection to work. Make sure you are able to browse websites before installing your WyoPhone.
Is the Phone number active yet?
If this is new service please check with our Sales department to verify the date your WyoPhone service will
become active
Is the power light illuminated on your Linksys ATA?
If it is not, verify that the power adapter is properly connected at the power outlet, and on the Linksys ATA.
Is the phone plugged in?
If you phone requires an additional power source make sure that it is connected properly to phone and power outlet.
Is the cabling correct?
Verify all the cabling between your Phone, the Linksys ATA, and your Broadband connection. If you are unsure of how the equipment should be connected please refer to the Quick Install Guide that came with your Linksys ATA.
Is the ATA connected to your internal wiring?
If you are reusing your existing internal wiring to provide phone service to all the jacks in your building, make sure you have first disconnected all land-line service (from Century Link, etc.). Failure to do so can damage both your equipment and the telephone company's.
Is your phone set to pulse dialing?
Some older telephones have a switch (usually located below the number pad, or on the side of the phone) to switch between pulse dialing, and tone dialing. Make sure your phone is set to tone dialing, as pulse dialing is incompatible with the WyoPhone service.
If you have checked these items and your service is still experiencing problems please contact our Customer Service Department at your earliest convenience. You can reach our Customer Service Representatives at 800-588-3304
""I started with about 1996, after I first moved to the Riverton area. I have been nothing but PLEASED with the service I have received. The Support Staff have ..."
Jim McGarvey
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