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Now, more than ever, communications services are vital to your business success. Businesses today depend on cost-competitive and services to stay connected and remain productive. is a proven partner in providing comprehensive solutions for companies like yours; we have been serving Wyoming business since 1994.

Internet Services offers trusted, affordable business broadband solutions.

Business DSL: offers a range of DSL service packages and price plans for any small business, branch office, or home office. Up to 15Mbps, Business DSL is cost-effective, fast, and reliable. 
EtherLink:  Using Ethernet, EtherLink is an excellent choice for symmetrical business-class bandwidth up to 45Mbps. Dedicated, fully-managed service with 99.999% uptime, offers higher bandwidth at a lower cost than T1 or T3 connections.  
T1, T3: provides stable local T1 and T3 circuits for symmetrical business-class bandwidth. 99.999% uptime and fully-managed. 
Wireless:  Symmetrical, high-speed Internet service in Wyoming’s remote places where DSL is not an option. 
Other Access: can also deliver fiber and microwave access solutions to your business for larger or special broadband needs. 
WyoPhone Services
A full range of affordable business voice service options for Wyoming.

Finding a reliable and cost efficient phone solution for your business is vital. You need a partner you can trust who has the experience delivering phone services over multiple broadband platforms.

Integrated Voice:’s service combines voice and data over a single connection, integrating WyoPhone seamlessly with any of our Internet service options. 
Features:  WyoPhone is adaptable to your phone system or PBX, and provides a feature-rich voice service for those small businesses without a phone system. 
Network Services leverages its dynamic network to deliver tailored services that answer the private networking needs of Wyoming businesses. We support the multiple office and remote access needs of our customers. As a leading provider of managed network solutions for Wyoming businesses, combines technology with unmatched design, deployment, monitoring, reporting, and support capabilities.

MPLS VPN: The most-efficient private networking for critical applications such as voice, video, ASP, database access, etc. 
IPSec and SSL VPN: Secure virtual private networking for remote login access or dedicated remote access to your business’ important data. 
EtherLink LAN & WAN: Use the flexibility of EtherLink for Layer 2 VLANs or our MPLS of VPN solutions for Wide Area Networking. 
Private Wireless & WiFi: provides solutions for private networking using wireless technologies tthat are engineered and designed to suit your needs, including site-to-site, site-to-multisite, mesh networks, office access points, or hotspot capabilities. 
In addition to a high-quality communications network and strong support, many businesses today are looking for a provider who can deliver the full-service communications experience with the expertise and technology to move forward. In many cases, that means providing the hardware to make the network perform at an optimal level.

Security, functionality, efficiency, and cost effective gains are all part of the equation. delivers on all points.

Unified Threat Management Devices by Fortinet
Switches and Routers
Premise devices for our EtherLink service line
Analog Telephony Adapters

SupportPLUS:’s specialized extended warranty and support program for the equipment you purchase from us. Another great level of support for your business.
Learn more about why is the right communications partner for your business.
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