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WyoPhone residential service is our home digital phone service that is affordable, flexible, simple and reliable.  Our customers automatically have access to all of WyoPhone’s advanced features and settings. You also have the ability to directly access WyoPhone’s features and settings and customize them anywhere you have access to the Internet. Residential WyoPhone service includes the following features:
  • Free unlimited local and long-distance calling. Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Online Account Manager: The WyoPhone Online Account Manager is a web-based system that allows you to manage and change many of your WyoPhone features and settings from any computer with access to the Internet, anywhere, anytime.  In today's busy world, we expect immediate access to information and the ability change quickly and easily.  WyoPhone's Online Account Manager gives you that ability. You can change your forwarding features to receive calls at a different phone number, elect to receive email copies of voicemail messages, or just access your online phone book for that important number that you don't have with you. WyoPhone's Online Account Manager is always on, always available, and easy to use.
  • Voicemail: WyoPhone comes with advanced voicemail features that will allow you to customize your voicemail greetings and makes accessing messages easier than ever. You can access your messages from your handset, any other phone, or via email. You can elect to have your voicemail messages forwarded to your email address.
  • Speed Dial: Dial the people you call most frequently by simply pressing two numbers. Speed Dial lets you assign a two-digit code for each of the telephone numbers you dial most often (up to 100).
  • My Phone Book: An online address book available for you to add important names and numbers. Because this information is stored online, you can access it from any Internet connection.
  • Call Return: Last Call Return lets you redial the last number that called you easily.
  • Call Forwarding: Log on to the Account Manger from wherever you have access to the Internet and customize your call forwarding features.
  • Caller ID: WyoPhone Caller ID allows you view the name and number on your handset's display, giving you an easy way to screen your calls and decide whether to pick up.
  • Caller Screening: This feature allows you to identify callers from whom you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from phone numbers or Caller ID Labels that are on your list can either receive a busy signal or forward directly to your Voicemail.
  • Call Waiting: Allows you to accept an incoming phone call while you are already on the phone by putting the first call on hold while you answer the second call.
  • Do Not Disturb: Avoid telephone interruptions by activating the Do Not Disturb feature and having calls directed straight to Voicemail.
  • Call Waiting ID: Displays the name and number of the person calling. If you are on an important call and not sure if you should answer the second incoming call, Call Waiting with ID lets you check your phone's call display to see who the second caller is and decide whether or not you need to answer the call.
  • 7-Digit Dialing: With WyoPhone you can just dial the last 7 digits of every Wyoming phone number, no area code needed.
  • Three-Way Calling: You can easily connect two people onto the same call so that all three of you can speak together
  • 911 Emergency Services is included in all activations
  • Directory Listing is included in all activations, or you can choose to be non-listed

WyoPhone gives you the local support you need from people you trust.

One monthly bill for phone and Internet with bundled discounts.
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