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You want fast, dependable Internet service to complete your daily tasks, stay connected with your friends and family, and enjoy the entertainment how you want it and when you want it. was the first to launch DSL in Wyoming and has provided DSL service to folks like you since 2001.'s DSL can provide you with the high-speed Internet that is right for you. It’s not a shared service like Cable. Our DSL service comes with a network that ensures you always get the speed you need, unlike the Phone or Cable companies’ service. DSL is reliable, affordable and fast.
  • Reliable, fast Internet up to 15Mbps
  • Four great speed options to choose from
  • 99.99% uptime and 100% port speed
  • Local Support based right here in Wyoming
  • You get 5 e-mails and our DSL modem with no additional fees
  • WyoPhone friendly for added quality, value and savings
  • Provides quality of service perfect for sending and receiving emails, browsing and shopping online, staying connected with social media, sharing photos, online gaming, streaming TV and videos and video chat with family and friends.

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Want to know what the right service is for you? Check out our Service Comparison chart.
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