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Wireless Can Change Your Connectivity for the Better
Fixed Wireless networking solutions from provides an alternative last-mile access solution between your offices that you can use as your primary network connection, providing the speed, performance and reliability your business demands—without expensive fiber construction or private line circuits.  Our Wireless networking solutions are also an excellent redundancy solution that complements your existing wireline network.

We also provide a range of public WiFi hotspots, private WiFi access points, and full wireless mesh network solutions for our customers. Whether your business needs to connect buildings together or provide WiFi access to customer and/or employees, can deliver the solution.

As a leading provider of managed network solutions for Wyoming businesses, combines technology with unmatched design, deployment, monitoring, reporting, and support capabilities.

Built on the motto "Networking Wyoming", has a long history of delivering private network solutions to a wide variety of customers. We understand full-service communications and provide successful business networks in a wide range of industries. Our comprehensive technology solutions and breadth of industry knowledge helps our customers achieve their business objectives.

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