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Increase Your Network Performance and Efficiencies with MPLS

Improve application performance, reduce operating costs and streamline your network management with MPLS VPN service from  Our intelligent MPLS VPN service gives your multi-location business a secure, cost-effective MPLS network solution that provides the superior network performance your business demands.

Do you struggle to support more critical applications such as voice, video, applications software, credit card processing, and database access between offices?  Increasing network costs are an all-too-familiar reality for distributed businesses, regardless of size and industry.  However, has been offering affordable networking solutions to Wyoming businesses since 1994.
  • Secure network - your data is always separate from other customers' and the public Internet
  • Connect key locations together
  • Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
  • Prioritize applications and traffic according to the level of importance you assign
  • Converge voice, video and data networks onto a single IP network
  • Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization; choose the right amount of bandwidth for your applications.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure without the need for additional equipment expenses
  • 99.999% uptime with SLA
  • Prevents critical applications from failing due to network congestion
What is MPLS? MPLS is a private IP-based product that utilizes our private MPLS backbone to transfer data between customer locations throughout the state.  This method keeps all IP packets from the same session associated with one another while in transit, which increases the speed of network traffic flow, enables traffic prioritization, reduces transit delays and improves network efficiency.

MPLS provides private and secure IP routing between your locations with security equivalent to that seen with Private Line or ATM networks.  MPLS provides traffic separation between end users using unique route distinguishers that are transparent to end users, keeping your information segregated and private as it traverses the network.  Also, because the MPLS network is not directly connected to the Internet, public IP security threats are eliminated, making MPLS ideal for supporting HIPAA and CISP/PCI-compliant networks.
The Right Solution - Connect with Confidence

By taking advantage of’s broadband services and robust network, you can provide secure high-speed connectivity to all of your locations. Additionally, bandwidth can be prioritized via Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure mission-critical applications have the necessary bandwidth. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN service from offers a cost-effective solution that enables you to consolidate all of your business applications onto a single private network; its QoS and built-in security capabilities are designed to promote availability and productivity, and protect your network resources from malicious traffic.

A MPLS VPN is well-suited for dynamic, challenging network environments because MPLS acts as the smart traffic engineer, controlling at the packet level. Troublesome, bandwidth-hogging applications are no match for the agile MPLS solution from

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