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Your business relies on fast, reliable network access to get the job done, but what if you don’t have access to services such as DSL or Cable? has the solution. Wireless Internet Access is a growing broadband technology for remote sites and rural businesses to access the Internet, VPNs, and reduce phone costs. Wireless allows business locations that would otherwise require costly T1s, cellular, or satellite connectivity to be serviced with a more cost-effective, high-speed solution. Our Wireless is an access solution that your business can use as your primary Internet service, providing the speed, performance and reliability your business demands. Wireless is also an excellent redundancy solution that complements your existing Internet access. Our Wireless Internet solution is an easy-to-implement, affordable solution that supports a wide range of Internet functions as well as VPNs and’s Voice solution:  WyoPhone.
  • Always-on, reliable Internet with consistently fast speeds
  • More cost effective than T1s, cellular or satellite connectivity
  • Local Support and Proactive Monitoring
  • WyoPhone friendly
  • Low latency

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Want to know what the right service is for your business? Check out our Service Comparison chart.
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