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People use their Internet connections at home for many different things today. Multiple devices connect for web browsing, phone service, movies and television just to mention a few. has the services and products you need to fit your lifestyle. We offer cost-effective Internet and Phone services designed to allow you to connect faster, download more, communicate better and enjoy more. We’ve doing this longer than most service providers too; we’ve been providing quality service to Wyoming residents since 1994.

Internet Services offers fast, affordable residential broadband Internet.

Wireless: Perfect for the customer that lives on the edge of town or in Wyoming’s wide open spaces. You can send and receive emails, browse and shop online, stay connected with social media, share photos, casual gaming, use WyoPhone - our VoIP telephone service, stream TV and videos and video chat with family and friends.
DSL: Whether you have an active phone line or not, our DSL service is a fast, reliable and dedicated Internet connection. You can send and receive emails, browse and shop online, stay connected with social media, share photos, online gaming, stream T.V. and videos, send and receive files, use WyoPhone - our VoIP telephone service, and video chat with family and friends.
WyoPhone Services

A great home phone service that includes 14+ features with a great price!

You don’t have to change your telephone and you can keep your same telephone number. You get unlimited local and long-distance calling! Caller I.D., Call Waiting and Call Forwarding are some of the awesome features you receive with WyoPhone.

In addition to a high-quality Internet and Phone services, we offer a range of equipment such as wireless routers, VoIP adapters and other devices in order to deliver the full-service communications experience you expect. We offer you the expertise and technology to improve your service with the security and support to give you a truly great customer experience.
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Quality service, support and ease of use are all part of the equation. delivers on all points.


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