Olivia - NextGen

"I just watched a you tube video without it having to start 3 billion times to load!!!!!!  THAT is amazing!  A true test!  There is a notable difference my Facebook pictures don't take forever to download either...."


Mary Morris

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!
I Have had service with Wyoming.com for as long as i have lived here which is almost 20 years.
Your service has always been EXCELLENT but now you have gone above and beyond. Those of us that live on a fixed income try to cut back where ever we can to make ends meet.
Wyoming.com had a special this year where you could get wireless, DSL and phone service WHAT A DEAL!!!!! All of that is less than my monthly phone bill was so you all are helping keep my services, yet save money. I had the best Christmas ever once I found out all about it and got signed up for it.
The gentleman that came to install the equipment was prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable about what he was doing. He answered all my questions.
Then there were the two that came to my house to install my phone because I was having trouble trying to understand. They were AWESOME!!!! What a joy to have the people of Wyoming.com come into my home, and even better they have EXCELLENT SERVICE, you are always treated with respect.
Keep up the good work. You can be sure I have told my friends how awesome your people are and how awesome your service is.



To: Customer support   Re: Internet speeds

Thanks to your tech support dept. for helping me isolate what was causing one of my computers to have slow speeds.

I was positive that it was the internet all this time, and it was not.

It was being caused by my USB network adapter not working properly, and I flat missed that, somehow.

Working real good now with fast speeds, thanks again guys!



I didn't realize you hired magicians in your support team. Anyone who can decipher my "non-computer" lingo and FIX my problem is a magician as far as I am concerned. So therefore, your employee "Bill" is a magician. Thanks, Bill !!


Jim McGarvey

"I started with Wyoming.com about 1996, after I first moved to the Riverton area. I have been nothing but PLEASED with the service I have received. The Support Staff have always been professional and helpful. Having been in the "service" industry, I would give the Support Staff at Wyoming.com a rating of 12 out of 10. They are super!!! Jim


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